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Essence – Providing an opportunity to experience and practice offering service and operating a sales point at the highest industry standards, thus acquiring knowledge, skills and tools that will enable people with mental disabilities to successfully integrate into the community, in a natural environment and at the heart of the Israeli experience.

Means – A network of sales points for value-driven quality gifts that has become a leader of social consumption in Israel. The network is spread across dozens of selling points throughout the country and offers special gift packs and presents from all our production plants.
Social and Environmental Value – On the social level, customers have the opportunity to purchase a value-driven, quality gift, while the shopping malls have the opportunity to partake in social action and the integration of people with disabilities into the community. For the consumers, employment in “Shekulo Tov” provides the construction of a “positive vocational identity”. The person sees him or herself as possessing skills, as having value to society, and as someone who is important and essential to the system he or she works in.
In order to construct a positive vocational identity, the things that I do have to be acknowledged in a social context that is beyond my closest circle. The fact that people who are unrelated to me value what I do, and choose to invest money in it, which is the thing that expresses value in western culture, gives me the confirmation that my endeavors are of value and significance.

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  • Our Products
  • We specialize in gifts for employees, conferences and events. Naturally, we also emphasize gifts for holidays such as Passover, Shavuot, Rosh Hashana, and special days such as Mother’s Day, Family Day and Valentine’s Day.
  • We create special designer packages that are specifically suitable for each holiday and event. We also sell to private customers and provide discounts and attractive offers to business customers, as well as small and medium size businesses.
Where can you find us?

When purchasing a product under the brand-name “Erkuti”, customers receive a value-driven, quality product that has undergone the stringiest quality control processes before being offered to customers.
To order 24/7 please call 03-5195046
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National Insurance Institute: The Group cooperates with the National Insurance Institute’s Disabled Services Fund. Through this cooperation, the Group receives financial aid towards in order to developthe development of the projects we operate. For example: the collaboration with the Erkuti Division includes branding, upgrading and computerizing the networks’ sales points.

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