All Members

Irad Eichler – Group’s Chairman

Phone: 050-2090900

Email: irad@s-tov.org.il

Hagar Aloush – VP Rehabilitation

Phone: 050-2090223

Email: hagar@s-tov.org.il

Eisenberg Israel Haim – VP Production

Phone: 050-2090378

Email: israela@s-tov.org.il

Galit Schwartz – Rehabilitation Division Manager – Production Plants

Phone: 050-3144404

Email:  galits@s-tov.org.il

Libby Cohen – Digital Media Manager

Phone: 050-2091367

Email: libbyc@s-tov.org.il

Inbar Sheinfeld – Social Division Manager

Phone: 050-2090907

Email: inbars@s-tov.org.il

Shiri Zuckermandel – Development Manager

Phone: 052-2905879

Email: shiri@s-tov.org.il

Ma’ayan Paz – Kaveret Studio Manger

Phone: 050-2090368

Email: maayanp@s-tov.org.il

Lior Rosenzweig – Dandasha Division Manager

Phone: 050-2090905

Email: liorr@s-tov.org.il

Rina Shpigel – Rehabilitation Division Manager – Re-Books

Phone: 050-2090375

Email: rina@s-tov.org.il

Eisenberg Israel Haim – VP Production

Phone: 050-2090378

Email: israela@s-tov.org.il

Ofer Cohen – C.E.O.

Phone: 050-2090366

Email: offer@s-tov.org.il

Tal Neuberger National Supported Employment Manager

Phone: 050-2090360

Email: taln@s-tov.org.il

Olivier Aknin – Sales Manager

Phone: 050-2001728

Email: olivier@s-tov.org.il

Libby Harpaz – Rehabilitation Division Manager – “Erkuti”

Phone: 050-9130159

Email: libi@s-tov.org.il

Omer Schmidt – Good Coffee Division Manager

Phone: 050-2090370

Email: omer@s-tov.org.il

Dana Frischer Kugen – Rehabilitative Division Manager – Good Coffee

Phone: 0502091051

Email: danak@s-tov.org.il

Bat Har Pe’er – Rehabilitation Manager Youth Projects

Phone: 050-2090962

Email: bette@s-tov.org.il

Adi Harlap – Good Dog Division Manager

Phone: 050-2091008

Email: adih@s-tov.org.il

Inbal Boaz – Social Rehabilitation Division Manager

Ravit Moses – VP Human Resources

Phone: 08-9200050

Email: ravit@s-tov.org.il

Sigal Duani – Office Manager

Phone: 050-2090220

Email:  sigald@s-tov.org.il


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