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Good Coffee

The Essence: “Good Coffee” is a chain of social cafés that provide a professional rehabilitative training center for people with mental difficulties disabilities. Its objective is the provision of occupational vocational skills, interpersonal skills and practical experience in operating a kitchen, customer service and a variety of additional positions from the world of restaurants, with the aim of creating an occupational bridge for employment in the free market.

The Means: Cafés located in normative settings in the heart of the community. Currently the chain has four branches. A professional rehabilitation manager, a placement coordinator and staff that specialize in the field of restaurants provide candidates consumers with rehabilitative and professional guidance and accompaniment.

Social and Environmental Value: The chain’s concept is based on a variety of meals offered for 20NIS: sandwiches, pasta, and breakfasts. The main objective is to reach a wide target population and create meaningful employment for consumers through a few key principles: product quality, visibility, variety, a high standard of service, attractive prices and social value.

Where can you find us? On Facebook or:

Good Coffee Haifa – 3 Ashlug st. Phone: 04-8643425

Good Coffee Hadera –45 Ha’nasi st., corner of Rothschild. Phone: 04-6222468

Good Coffee Petach-Tikva – Pedestrian Mall, 5 Aharon Kazir st. Phone: 03-9346557

Good Coffee Lod – 1 Bat Sheva st. Telrad square. Phone: 08-8673880

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