Our enterprises

Good Dog

The Essence: This service provides a means of occupational vocational rehabilitation for people who are dealing with mental challenges, and assists them in the acquisition of skills and integration into the community through professional learning and field work.

Each participant enjoys personal and individual accompaniment in their residential area, as well as professional training in the field of dog walking, and work with animals, including an animal first aid course, and a basic dog training course. Accompaniment and assistance are offered throughout the process of integration into the fields of dog walking and working with animals in the free market.

Through participation in the project it is possible to work on the development and strengthening of soft and hard employment skills, and have an avenue for integrating into the employment world in any geographical area, while emphasizing values, stability, persistence and family-like relationships.

The Means: “Good Dog” offers dog owners a dog walking service by regular, trustworthy and professional dog-walkers who not only provide the dog an enjoyable and pampering walk, but also give it personal loving attention.

Social and Environmental Value: Through the project dog owners enjoy quality service and real added value of brining consumer closer and integrating them as part of the natural human network.

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