Our enterprises


  • Essence – The “Re-Books” Division offers the consumers an occupational opportunity through reusing second hand books, the world of literature and the internet.
  • Each month thousands of books are sold in the stores and through the website that are operated by candidates. All the processes of collection, sorting and sales provide candidates an opportunity for the acquisition of occupational skills. The consumers have a variety of positions, such as sales personnel in stores, book agents, and so forth. They enjoy working in a natural environment and earn a livelihood from sales.
  • Re-Books supports the integration of many consumers into the free market, as part of the vocational rehabilitation model.
  • Means – This is the leading brand for second hand books in Israel, offered for sale in nine stores, in over 450 different points of sale (cafés, kindergartens, large companies, and gyms) and through the largest website for second hand books in Israel – www.rebooks.org.il
  • Social and Environmental Value– Re-Books assists in reducing the environmental damage caused as a result of paper production and printing. We encourage re-use of books and invite everyone to give their unwanted books and receive a 5NIS credit for purchasing books through Re-Books.
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