Our enterprises

The Hive

  • The Essence: “The Hive” specializes in the design and production of specialty games that are personally custom made for customers and include their photos. All stages of the games’ production – adjustments of the customer’s photos, working with customers, print supervision and packaging are performed by people with mental and vocational challenges. The project provides an vocational opportunity in a computerized setting that may provide skills and tools for consumers to integrate into free market positions.
  • The Means: Work is performed in an open work setting that is intended for social entrepreneurs and enables integration into a natural environment. Moreover, consumers undergo basic training on a computerized graphics program and are exposed to terms from the field of graphics, design and print.
  • Social and Environmental Value: We provide customers an opportunity to purchase a personalized game at a reasonable price while continually working with the consumers. This mode of operation facilitates breaking widespread stigmas while providing consumers with confidence that will assist them to find and obtain and job in the free market.

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