Call for Participation to the Digital Network on Inclusive Employment of People with Disabilities

In recent decades, there has been progress on the development and validation of effective vocational rehabilitation approaches and supported employment services for persons with disabilities. However, despite these advances, persons with disabilities across the world are less likely to be employed or to receive proper assistance, training and education for employment than the general population. This situation entails enormous economic and psychosocial costs, first for the individual and second, for the society.

In order to address this dire situation, governments, organizations of people with disabilities, supported employment providers, researchers, advocates, employers networks and other stakeholders seek to decrease unemployment and increase labor force participation of people with disabilities. While the different stakeholders share the same challenges there is often lack of collaboration among them, in the local and national level, and certainly in the international level. Hence, we decided to establish the international digital network on inclusive employment of people with disabilities.

The main goals of this digital network are to:

  • Enhance strategic networking, engagement and dialogue among the different stakeholders around the world
  • Disseminate cutting edge knowledge, good practices and innovations through diverse formats
  • Actively involve people with disabilities in the promoting this issue in all levels

The Activities of our digital network include:

  • An electronic mailing list  that facilitates discussion of issues and dissemination of information in relation to the promotion of labor force participation of people with disabilities
  • A monthly webinar that will presents examples of Good Practices and innovative strategies and programs in the employment context
  • Presentations of new research findings and evidences and of policy papers and information material

We are calling for participation from grassroots and national DPOs, NGOs, vocational rehabilitation and supported employment providers, employers networks, advocators, researchers, and other stakeholders from around the world to join us in advancing these objectives.

For registration and more information please contact us:

Our first Webinar “What we know works from best practice employees in recruiting, retraining and developing employees with disabilities” will be held on April 6 at 12:00 AM EST. Mr. George Selvanera, a director at Business Disability Forum and at business and government advisory firm, George Partnership, will be the key speaker of this webinar.  For more details, enter:
The digital network on inclusive employment of people with disabilities is an initiative of Shekulo Tov Group, a non-for-profit organization that provides vocational rehabilitation and supported employment services to people with disabilities.

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