Research & Development

Shekulo Tov Group acknowledges the fact that its continued expansion depends on the quality and effectiveness of the services it provides. Moreover, it has the strong desire to uphold the highest standards as a pioneering organization that operates through an evidence-based approach in the area of vocational, social and recreational rehabilitation. Hence, the Group’s R&D department seeks to promote:

1. Internal organizational assessments that evaluates the quality and efficiency of our services.

2. Research collaborations with researchers from Israel and abroad.

3. Publications in peer-reviewed journals. 

4. Development of evidence-based interventions and new technology platforms aimed to promote social inclusion of people with disabilities.

5. Training academics with disabilities as research-assistant in academic institutions.

Our R&D efforts are conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Mental Health in the Israeli Ministry of Health and in line with the most rigorous research criteria.

For more inforamtion please contact Dr. Amir Tal, PhD: