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“The program”

“The Program” – Podcast regarding social entrepreneurship

We live in a very exciting time when a person can create projects that change the face of the entire society. “The Program” podcast is intended for persons who want to change society or “do good”.

We will use our Facebook page to ask and answer question related to social entrepreneurship, share ideas and review possibilities with the objective of sharing knowledge and tools.

The Program hosts social entrepreneurs, investors, foundation managers and business incubator managers, in order to share knowledge and enhance the possibilities of each of us to do better.

You are invited to listen to the podcast (in Hebrew)

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Our enterprises

Good Coffee

The Essence: “Good Coffee” is a chain of social cafés that provide a professional rehabilitative training center for people with mental difficulties disabilities. Its objective is the provision of occupational vocational skills, interpersonal skills and practical experience in operating a kitchen, customer service and a variety of additional positions from the world of restaurants, with the aim of creating an occupational bridge for employment in the free market.

The Means: Cafés located in normative settings in the heart of the community. Currently the chain has four branches. A professional rehabilitation manager, a placement coordinator and staff that specialize in the field of restaurants provide candidates consumers with rehabilitative and professional guidance and accompaniment.

Social and Environmental Value: The chain’s concept is based on a variety of meals offered for 20NIS: sandwiches, pasta, and breakfasts. The main objective is to reach a wide target population and create meaningful employment for consumers through a few key principles: product quality, visibility, variety, a high standard of service, attractive prices and social value.

Where can you find us? On Facebook or:

Good Coffee Haifa – 3 Ashlug st. Phone: 04-8643425

Good Coffee Hadera –45 Ha’nasi st., corner of Rothschild. Phone: 04-6222468

Good Coffee Petach-Tikva – Pedestrian Mall, 5 Aharon Kazir st. Phone: 03-9346557

Good Coffee Lod – 1 Bat Sheva st. Telrad square. Phone: 08-8673880

Our enterprises


The Essence: The project offers equal occupational vocational training to candidates consumers in the areas of fashion sales and service. The consumers who make up the shop’s staff enjoy practical training that includes: sales skills, styling, customer service, inventory management, shop window design and teamwork, that all aim to train them to work in the normative employment market.

The Means: A second hand shop for casual and urban second hand and designer outlet fashion items that range in price from 10 to 150 NIS. Located in 72 Herzl street, Ramla.

Social and Environmental Value: The shop’s value is two-fold ; the first is that it provides customers the opportunity to actively promote social consumption, and the second is the environmental value of reusing cloths.

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Our enterprises

Good Dog

The Essence: This service provides a means of occupational vocational rehabilitation for people who are dealing with mental challenges, and assists them in the acquisition of skills and integration into the community through professional learning and field work.

Each participant enjoys personal and individual accompaniment in their residential area, as well as professional training in the field of dog walking, and work with animals, including an animal first aid course, and a basic dog training course. Accompaniment and assistance are offered throughout the process of integration into the fields of dog walking and working with animals in the free market.

Through participation in the project it is possible to work on the development and strengthening of soft and hard employment skills, and have an avenue for integrating into the employment world in any geographical area, while emphasizing values, stability, persistence and family-like relationships.

The Means: “Good Dog” offers dog owners a dog walking service by regular, trustworthy and professional dog-walkers who not only provide the dog an enjoyable and pampering walk, but also give it personal loving attention.

Social and Environmental Value: Through the project dog owners enjoy quality service and real added value of brining consumer closer and integrating them as part of the natural human network.

Our enterprises

The Hive

  • The Essence: “The Hive” specializes in the design and production of specialty games that are personally custom made for customers and include their photos. All stages of the games’ production – adjustments of the customer’s photos, working with customers, print supervision and packaging are performed by people with mental and vocational challenges. The project provides an vocational opportunity in a computerized setting that may provide skills and tools for consumers to integrate into free market positions.
  • The Means: Work is performed in an open work setting that is intended for social entrepreneurs and enables integration into a natural environment. Moreover, consumers undergo basic training on a computerized graphics program and are exposed to terms from the field of graphics, design and print.
  • Social and Environmental Value: We provide customers an opportunity to purchase a personalized game at a reasonable price while continually working with the consumers. This mode of operation facilitates breaking widespread stigmas while providing consumers with confidence that will assist them to find and obtain and job in the free market.
Our enterprises

Yalla Mevalim – C’mon Hanging Out

  • Essence: “C’mon hanging out”, “Going Places”, and “Suwa” are social and recreational programs of Shekulo Tov Group. These programs express an innovative and progressive approach in the area of social and recreational culture for people with mental disabilities. The services, which are spread across many areas, exists since 2006, and serves thousands of participants from various sectors throughout Israel.
  • The Means: The programs operate a variety of quality social settings for people with mental disabilities, in order to increase social independence, enjoyable and meaningful activities during leisure, full integration and involvement in the community and a positive social experience in natural settings.
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  • We operate in many areas across the country:
  • Tel Aviv and the center, the Sharon area, Rishon Lezion, Haifa and the north, Jerusalem and its surroundings, Ashdod, Tayibe, Tamra, Ar’ara, Baqa, Jisr az-Zarqa, and Deir al-Asad.
  • For activity programs, details and registration please contact:
  • General: yalla@s-tov.org.il
  • “C’mon hanging out”
  • This program is intended for people whose main objective is going out and participating in meaningful and pleasant leisure, meeting new people, reducing loneliness and naturally – enjoying themselves! The program provides access to activities offered to the general population and enables freedom and independence during recreation, and includes three weekly activities. The range of activates is wide and includes: breakfasts, movies, theatre, parties, hikes, cafés, restaurants, different events, sports activates, volunteering in the community, experiential gatherings, museums, shows, entertainment, music, singles’ meetings, water parks, amusement parks, bowling, exhibitions and more.
  • “Going Places”
  • This is a program that extends the content of “C’mon hanging out”. It is intended for participants who have two objectives: leisure, improvement of social skills and content selection. The activities offered to members of “C’mon hanging out” are also open to members of “Going Places”. In addition, members of “Going Places” also have closed meetings where they develop social aspects of their lives through participation in empowerment workshops and lectures. They also join focus interest groups whereby members of “Going Places” are the ones who select and influence activity content. This entire process is achieved through personal accompaniment that includes the establishment of a personal rehabilitation program, with an emphasis on getting the tools required for integration into community life and general accessibility. All activities are offered by experts in their respective fields, and focus on the development of meaningful and normative social skills. We see that improvement of social skills and participation in meaningful leisure provide candidates with experiences of capability, power and fulfillment, and give them tools that influence and permeate into every area of their lives.
  • Suwa
  • Suwa offers recreational activities and  socialization for consumers with mental disabilities. Suwa is a Shekulo Tov social program that operates in the Arab sector. This program expresses an innovative and progressive approach to the social and recreational areas for people entitled for the rehabilitative package. The service exists since 2003  and is offered in 15 settlements, 6 of which are in the Arab sector. The service is offered to thousands of participants across the country and is the leading social rehabilitation program in Israel. We work to offer a variety of quality social settings for people with mental disabilities, in order to increase social independence, meaningful and enjoyable recreational activities, and full integration and involvement in the community. The target population is participants who are at least 18 years old who have a rehabilitation package from the Ministry of Health. In a world where leisure opportunities are rapidly growing while the individual feels increasingly lonelier, we develop and promote a positive social experience in a completely normative setting. The program’s guidelines focus on the individual, on the expansion of possible options, on making leisure activities accessible, on the acquisition of social skills and on empowering individuals to realize their social potential, through equal opportunity and self-fulfillment in an enjoyable, normative and experiential fashion
Our enterprises


  • Essence – The “Re-Books” Division offers the consumers an occupational opportunity through reusing second hand books, the world of literature and the internet.
  • Each month thousands of books are sold in the stores and through the website that are operated by candidates. All the processes of collection, sorting and sales provide candidates an opportunity for the acquisition of occupational skills. The consumers have a variety of positions, such as sales personnel in stores, book agents, and so forth. They enjoy working in a natural environment and earn a livelihood from sales.
  • Re-Books supports the integration of many consumers into the free market, as part of the vocational rehabilitation model.
  • Means – This is the leading brand for second hand books in Israel, offered for sale in nine stores, in over 450 different points of sale (cafés, kindergartens, large companies, and gyms) and through the largest website for second hand books in Israel – www.rebooks.org.il
  • Social and Environmental Value– Re-Books assists in reducing the environmental damage caused as a result of paper production and printing. We encourage re-use of books and invite everyone to give their unwanted books and receive a 5NIS credit for purchasing books through Re-Books.
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Our enterprises


Essence – Providing an opportunity to experience and practice offering service and operating a sales point at the highest industry standards, thus acquiring knowledge, skills and tools that will enable people with mental disabilities to successfully integrate into the community, in a natural environment and at the heart of the Israeli experience.

Means – A network of sales points for value-driven quality gifts that has become a leader of social consumption in Israel. The network is spread across dozens of selling points throughout the country and offers special gift packs and presents from all our production plants.
Social and Environmental Value – On the social level, customers have the opportunity to purchase a value-driven, quality gift, while the shopping malls have the opportunity to partake in social action and the integration of people with disabilities into the community. For the consumers, employment in “Shekulo Tov” provides the construction of a “positive vocational identity”. The person sees him or herself as possessing skills, as having value to society, and as someone who is important and essential to the system he or she works in.
In order to construct a positive vocational identity, the things that I do have to be acknowledged in a social context that is beyond my closest circle. The fact that people who are unrelated to me value what I do, and choose to invest money in it, which is the thing that expresses value in western culture, gives me the confirmation that my endeavors are of value and significance.

  • Erkuti logo
  • Our Products
  • We specialize in gifts for employees, conferences and events. Naturally, we also emphasize gifts for holidays such as Passover, Shavuot, Rosh Hashana, and special days such as Mother’s Day, Family Day and Valentine’s Day.
  • We create special designer packages that are specifically suitable for each holiday and event. We also sell to private customers and provide discounts and attractive offers to business customers, as well as small and medium size businesses.
Where can you find us?

When purchasing a product under the brand-name “Erkuti”, customers receive a value-driven, quality product that has undergone the stringiest quality control processes before being offered to customers.
To order 24/7 please call 03-5195046
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National Insurance Institute: The Group cooperates with the National Insurance Institute’s Disabled Services Fund. Through this cooperation, the Group receives financial aid towards in order to developthe development of the projects we operate. For example: the collaboration with the Erkuti Division includes branding, upgrading and computerizing the networks’ sales points.


All Members

Irad Eichler – Group’s Chairman

Phone: 050-2090900

Email: irad@s-tov.org.il

Hagar Aloush – VP Rehabilitation

Phone: 050-2090223

Email: hagar@s-tov.org.il

Eisenberg Israel Haim – VP Production

Phone: 050-2090378

Email: israela@s-tov.org.il

Galit Schwartz – Rehabilitation Division Manager – Production Plants

Phone: 050-3144404

Email:  galits@s-tov.org.il

Libby Cohen – Digital Media Manager

Phone: 050-2091367

Email: libbyc@s-tov.org.il

Inbar Sheinfeld – Social Division Manager

Phone: 050-2090907

Email: inbars@s-tov.org.il

Shiri Zuckermandel – Development Manager

Phone: 052-2905879

Email: shiri@s-tov.org.il

Ma’ayan Paz – Kaveret Studio Manger

Phone: 050-2090368

Email: maayanp@s-tov.org.il

Lior Rosenzweig – Dandasha Division Manager

Phone: 050-2090905

Email: liorr@s-tov.org.il

Rina Shpigel – Rehabilitation Division Manager – Re-Books

Phone: 050-2090375

Email: rina@s-tov.org.il

Eisenberg Israel Haim – VP Production

Phone: 050-2090378

Email: israela@s-tov.org.il

Ofer Cohen – C.E.O.

Phone: 050-2090366

Email: offer@s-tov.org.il

Tal Neuberger National Supported Employment Manager

Phone: 050-2090360

Email: taln@s-tov.org.il

Olivier Aknin – Sales Manager

Phone: 050-2001728

Email: olivier@s-tov.org.il

Libby Harpaz – Rehabilitation Division Manager – “Erkuti”

Phone: 050-9130159

Email: libi@s-tov.org.il

Omer Schmidt – Good Coffee Division Manager

Phone: 050-2090370

Email: omer@s-tov.org.il

Dana Frischer Kugen – Rehabilitative Division Manager – Good Coffee

Phone: 0502091051

Email: danak@s-tov.org.il

Bat Har Pe’er – Rehabilitation Manager Youth Projects

Phone: 050-2090962

Email: bette@s-tov.org.il

Adi Harlap – Good Dog Division Manager

Phone: 050-2091008

Email: adih@s-tov.org.il

Inbal Boaz – Social Rehabilitation Division Manager

Ravit Moses – VP Human Resources

Phone: 08-9200050

Email: ravit@s-tov.org.il

Sigal Duani – Office Manager

Phone: 050-2090220

Email:  sigald@s-tov.org.il