Integrative Production Plants

Essence: As part of the occupational vocational rehabilitation for candidatesconsumers, the Group operates a number of integrative production plants across Israelthe country t, that provide vocational rehabilitation a rehabilitative occupational frameworkinitiatives in the production field. The plant simulates a normative production work environment that enables the candidates consumers to acquire occupational vocational skills, and serves as an accelerator for the rehabilitation process of the candidates consumers who choose to participate. The plants are operated according to the Integrative Unit model and include a wide variety of training programs both in and out of the plant, including accompaniment of candidates consumers in the normative employmentfree market.

Means: In the production plants the candidates consumers produce quality products from the raw-material stage and all the way through to the production of the final product. The products are specific for each plant: chocolate, candles, soaps, paper products, sweets and so forth. We believe that through the production of quality, competitive products, it is possible to bridge between consumers’ endeavors and the integration into the wider community.

Creating Light 

Old Industrial Zone in Rosh Ha’Ayin

Production plants for handmade candles.

Located in Rosh Ha’Ayin and Baqa al-Gharbiyye.

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Be’er Sheva

Production plant for handmade quality chocolate.

Paper Work


Production plants for specialty products made of recycled paper for the home and office.

The plants are located in Rishon Lezion and Lod.


Sweets – sweet ideas from special people

Production plants for specialty sweet bouquets.

Located in Netanya and Haifa.